Founded by motorsport journalist Nick Daman and creative media whizz Mat McCallum long before either of them went grey, RC Racing TV has grown from two men with a box of cables and an old laptop in a carrier bag into a movement. From a decade of broadcasting RC on TV to pushing RC Media forward every season... We LOVE RC Racing (and the pizza and beer we consume whilst broadcasting it to you)


    Back in 2006 (before livestreaming was a thing) we began filming Andy Moore's 1/10th Elec TC IFMAR World Championship win in Italy for the Motors TV channel across Europe


    In 2010 we were chosen as Media Partner by the wonderful hardworking people at the European Federation of Radio Operated Automobiles to produce videos at each event


    From 2012 we began covering RC races all over the world in glorious 360p with an old MacBook and a selection of cables and suspect looking boxes to get our coverage broadcast live to the internet.

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    1/8th buggy fans will all know of the force that was Neobuggy and the RC mecca that was The Neo Invitational. Every year from 2006 until its retirement our team flocked to Harper Adams (and later Redovan) to create live coverage and other antics. We were also lucky enough to travel the world with the lovely Phil to the USA, Thailand, Argentina and more in search of hot laps, pizza and beer.

    Phil wrote the book on how to build a community and put on an event everyone wants to race at or watch. Sometimes Phil still leaves his island to hang out with us.

  • CRAP

    During the 2012 IFMAR 1/8th Nitro Buggy Worlds in Argentina we formed the Controlled Radio Association of Press with our lovely counterparts from other RC media outlets such as Red RC, NeoBuggy, NeilBuggy, Live RC and 5150 Media... Later would come our favourite French fancy Circus RC to carry on the baton of coverage where many have sadly retired. To this day we firmly believe that our sport needs more media. If you're lucky enough to have a photographer or videographer turn up at your track, make sure you look after them. It's the only way the outside world knows what you're doing.

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  • IIC

    In the early days we were lucky enough to be called on by the RC MC legend that is Scotty Ernst to produce coverage of several of his much loved Indoor International Championship events in Las Vegas. The carpet races captured here were some of the most exciting we've covered.


    In 2010 Nick and Mat ventured to Florida to experience (and film) the famous Snowbirds event which sees many classes of racing on track almost all hours of the day. However your dedicated team wandered off to Daytona to meet NASCAR legend Jimmy Johnson (and to inhale more junk food and beer)

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  • RCGP

    In 2018 RC pioneer David Isherwood tracked down Mat and James at the final Neo race in Redovan with a crazy idea about creating the worlds only truly professional world wide racing series. Set in the blueprint of MotoGP and many other 'real' motorsport racing series RCGP would take our sport by storm in a whirlwind of innovation, drama and glamour. RCGP, ahead of its time though it is has truly pushed our sport forward and RC Racing TV is proud to be part of it.

  • ETS

    New for 2023, RC Racing TV is getting to fulfil an ambition we've had for over a decade. This year we are proud to be working with the ETS to bring full livestream coverage of Round 2 at Aigen in Austria. The ETS has been a huge movement in 1/10 electric on road racing for many years with regular sell-out events all over Europe. Plus sister series in 1/10 buggy and nitro track. So, anyway, for the 20th - 23rd of July we'll be joining over 200 entries to bring you all the action right here on RC Racing TV

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    The list of people who have given up their week to stand in a dusty field and bring you RC Racing coverage is expanding every year. We're super excited to have a growing team, plus we're also grateful to those who have now moved on to pastures new.

    The list of RC Racing TV legends in no particular order is:

    Nick Daman, Paul Bateman, Mat McCallum, James Parry, Frank McKinney, Stefan Svensson, Jaan Ergin, John Hindhaugh, Dave Church, Nathan Blair, Steve Mincher, Ash Leontyne, Zak Fenning, Matt Guppy, Jim Little, Stew Noble, Tom Cockerill, Jude McCallum, Adam Johnson, Adam Weller, Scott Dumayne, Kane Wood, Oli Meggitt, James Stewart, Ben Clarke, Higgo and Riccardo Acciari


If you want to be part of the team or if you would like us to provide live streaming and media services at your event then fill out the details below and we will get back to you faster than Hagberg gets around the Hudy Arena!

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