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RC Racing TV

RCTV Hero Sticker Pack

RCTV Hero Sticker Pack

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We love our Heroes. RCTV Heroes are the people who keep us going. Heroes are the folk who head over to our YouTube channel and hit the "JOIN" button...

Once you've joined, order one of these sticker packs, however... YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR YOUTUBE USERNAME ...or your order will not be fulfilled 😊 Please and thank you 🙏 

Here's what you get:

Free Hero sticker pack
We will mail you the limited edition RC Racing TV 2023 Sticker pack

Loyalty badges next to your name in comments and live chat

Custom badge for members
We take your follow requests!
Request a car in practice & qualifying - we do everything we can to show them on screen

Priority reply to comments

Early access to new videos like RC Autopsy! 
A one-time code for 10% off in RCTV shop! 

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